Control Your Image

It’s been said, “Control your image, or your image will control you.”  Is that statement relevant to you?  What image are you portraying on a daily basis?  Does it say you are professional, serious, lazy, confident, fun, conservative, or willing to take risks?  Your image is your best business card; what does your card say about you?  In the business world, business is usually done based on whether the prospective client likes you or not.

We are all selling ourselves on a daily basis regardless of what career we choose: Teacher to students, CEO to employees, pastor to congregation, sales person to business owner,  real estate agent to client-just to name a few. Why not make sure that you are giving yourself every opportunity to succeed?  Fair or not, people judge us from the moment we walk in the door. How we dress, how we communicate, our facial expressions, and our attitudes tell people who we are when we meet them. Why not control the things you can control and make sure you pass the image test?  Is image that important? I think it is vital to your success and mine; fortunately for most of us it is 100% controllable.

What are some things that you can do to make sure that you are controlling your image?

  • Make sure your clothes fit.
  • Your clothes should match or coordinate.
  • Press your garments.  This is NOT optional.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are old or out of style.
  • Polish your shoes and be sure that your shoes match your belt.

Your choices in wardrobe say a tremendous amount about the person you are on any given day.  For example, if you are a sales person with an important meeting, you want to give an image of professionalism, confidence, and being detail-orientated. Whether you choose a suit and tie, or a sport coat and slacks, the details such as fit, coordination of colors, style, accessory selection, and attitude toward your appearance will portray a certain image. The way you approach your wardrobe can really tell the story and create the image you want for yourself.

As I venture into the world of blogging, I hope to help you define your image and discover the ways that you can control your image by approaching your style with the basic tips I have given today. Whether or not you are a suit and tie kind of person, you can still portray a great image through garments that have the right fit and with attention to the details. Going forward, I will help you look at all elements of your wardrobe to make sure that you are making the statement that you want to make.

Here are a few pictures to get you thinking about the ways you can define and control your image:





Make your statement-