Perfect Your Look | It’s All in the Details

Do details really matter? My simple answer is always yes. They can be the difference between getting a big account, getting the job, or closing a sale.  Personally, I hope details matter to my surgeon, my attorney, my contractor, and my barber (for those that know me, feel free to insert your joke here).

Let’s discuss the details of the way you dress. There are many ways that you can show that details matter to you in the way you dress. Your suit, shirt, and tie combo can be the basis for you to perfect your look. You can also add the right pocket square and cufflinks to that combo to complete the details. On your business casual day in lieu of a tie, be sure to throw in a cool pocket square or socks to make your statement.  Also, remember to add subtle details such as color and texture to express your personality and display the image you want to project.

As I mentioned in my previous post, first (and lasting) impressions are being made from the moment we walk in the door, and in most cases our attire is our business card. The details of our clothes from the style, to the way they fit, and their care (pressed garments and polished shoes) are the first impression that we get to make. We don’t have to be in a suit and tie to look professional, but always looking professional and paying attention to details will separate us from the competition and make sure we are portraying the image that we want to make.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the importance of details…



Let’s figure out the details that will help you perfect your look.

Make Your Statement,